European standard MVE series vibration motor

introduce Widely used in power, food, chemical, metallurgy, building materials, coal, mining, metallurgy...

Widely used in power feeding, food, chemical, metallurgy, building materials, coal, mining, metallurgy, light industry, cement, railway, port and other industries for vibration feeding, vibration conveying, vibration beneficiation, vibration falling sand, vibration screening and silos Anti-clog, etc.

MVE series vibration motor is a European standard product, which uses high-strength zinc-aluminum alloy as raw material and is processed by high-precision aluminum die-casting process. Significantly reduce the weight of the motor and increase the motor's ability to handle materials. It has the characteristics of high protection level, small size and long life.

Protection grade IP65, integrated seal structure, has the advantages of oil resistance, shock resistance, oxidation resistance and so on. Bearings are imported brands, after 10,000 experiments, high temperature resistance and precision noise reduction. The excitation force can be adjusted steplessly to meet various equipment and work requirements.