Xinxiang city and county leaders to visit Yutong company research guidance

Issuing time:2023-07-12 16:38

The sky in July is shining brightly, the earth in July is laughing and singing, in this golden July, we ushered in the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Dou Jie led the team to the company research, the county leader Li Shaoqing, Li Dong and other relevant leaders accompanied.


The Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor Dou Jie and his party successively went to the workshops and warehouses of the company to conduct research, view the company's production, research and development, management and other conditions on the spot, and then the city and county leaders focused on visiting the company's vibration division, listened to the general manager Yang Hua introduce the company's work results in the development of the vibration screening industry and the company's future planning, and put forward valuable comments and suggestions. At the same time, the company's business philosophy and development direction to give a high degree of evaluation and affirmation.


Finally, Dou Jie, the standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and vice mayor, asked the relevant departments of the city to base on the responsibilities of the department, increase support, help guide enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and inject strong force into the development of the county economy.