What failures do explosion-proof motors encounter during use? How to solve?

Issuing time:2020-03-16 16:22

1. The explosion-proof motor cannot start and there is no sound

the reason:

(1) The fuse is blown.

(2) The starter has tripped.

(3) The power supply is empty.

2, explosion-proof motor can not start, there is a humming sound

the reason:

(1) One phase of the power line is broken, or one phase of the fuse is blown, or one phase of the motor is broken.

(2) The air gap between the stator and the rotor is abnormal, causing the stator and the rotor to collide.

(3) The bearing is damaged.

(4) is stuck by the driven machinery.

3.The fuse blows when the motor starts

the reason:

(1) The stator coils are connected in opposite directions.

(2) The stator coil is shorted or grounded.

(3) The bearing is damaged.

(4) The drive belt is too tight.

(5) is stuck by the driven machinery.

(6) Misoperation during startup.

4.The speed of the motor is low after starting

the reason:

(1) The power supply voltage is too low.

(2) Connect a delta-connected motor into a star shape.

(3) The stator coil is shorted.

(4) The rotor's short-circuit ring, cage bar is broken or open welding.

(5) The motor is overloaded.

5. The motor temperature is too high, but the current does not exceed the rated value

the reason:

(1) The ambient temperature is too high.

(2) The ventilation duct of the motor is blocked.

(3) Too much oil sludge and dust from the motor affect heat dissipation.

6. Explosion sound of explosion-proof motor during operation

the reason:

(1) The coil is temporarily grounded.

(2) The coil is temporarily shorted.