Yutong with full resumption of work under epidemic prevention and control

Issuing time:2020-03-05 16:15

Monitor registered body temperature at work

Disinfection no less than four times a day

Reduce personnel gathering and isolate meals in batches

Subsistence allowance for employees who cannot rework outside the country

Free masks for employees who do not have a mask


On the basis of ensuring the health and safety of employees, Yutong must scientifically and orderly do a good job of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production. To this end, the company has established an epidemic prevention and control team to conduct thorough resumption inspection in advance and strictly implement Relevant prevention and control measures, arrange temperature monitoring points, carry out training on epidemic situation of returning to work, information registration of reworkers, daily health check-in of employees, propaganda and education of epidemic prevention knowledge, strengthen disinfection and ventilation of the site, etc., to ensure that resumption of work and resumption of production are safe.

To combat epidemics and resume production, the first priority is to ensure the supply of materials for prevention and control, so that employees can feel comfortable at work. Through various channels, the team prepared in advance anti-epidemic materials such as masks, disposable gloves, disinfectant, and temperature gun.

The epidemic prevention and control is more important than Mount Tai. On the premise of doing a good job of preventing epidemic among all staff, how to prevent and manage the epidemic has become an important issue for the survival and development of enterprises.

In this special period, sales and service personnel can't meet and interview with customers. Everyone chooses to communicate through the Internet, telephone, and video in a new mode.

The production department scientifically regulates product types and produces a single category as soon as possible to reduce staff turnover.

With a methodical work arrangement, orders from foreign customers are delivered on time.

Eating at noon is the focus of epidemic prevention and control. In order to ensure that employees can eat safely, the company has set up a leading group for epidemic prevention and control, which is obliged to serve everyone. Before entering the canteen, the staff on duty sterilized the alcohol with both hands.

For employees who are unable to return to Xinxiang to return to work in other places, the company will give them a living allowance, so that they can stay in their hometown with peace of mind, and stick to it, we will meet in Yutong, which is in full bloom!