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Henan Yutong Electric Motor Shares Company is the largest processional manufacturer of universal electric motor and vibration motor in Henan Province, located in the North of China with CNY 21.68 million registered capital, more than 500 employees, over 50,000㎡ production area and 30,00㎡ building proportion. There are five production workshops include assemblage, wire embedded, axis machining, case processing, punching and so on. The special used motor factory is an independent branch and the shares of Yutong pump technologies AG is controlled by Yutong motor.
Yutong motor has advanced equipments include high-precision CNC machine tools, vacuum impregnation, motor core production line, motor assembling production line and digital automatic test lines, the whole process from spare parts processing to motor assembling test can be finished to ensure that motors are in line with national standards and IEC standard.
The company has perfect production technology, scientific quality testing method, strict management system and high efficient staff incentives, which has passed ISO9001 and has obtained CCC, CE and China Energy Conservation Product Certification. The main products are Y, Y2, YE2 series three phase induction motor, YKP, Y2KP series broadband three phase induction motor, Y3-H400, YX3 series high efficient three phase induction motor, YB2, YB3, YBK2, YBF2 series explosion-proof motor, YZS, YZO, TZDC, YZUL series vibration motor, YCT series magnetic speed adjustable motor, YVP series frequency variable motor, YD series multi-speed    and YEJ, YLJ, YCCH series special use motor, totally more than 20 series and 400 specifications. The maximum capacity is 630kW for a single motor, the annual production capacity is 1 million kW for three phase AC asynchronous motor. These motors are mainly used in machinery, chemicals, paper-making, mining and other industry equipment drive.  
The company has strong technical force with many years of motor production experience, which has a technical team includes the professor-level senior engineers, who have the ability to research and develop new products. Xinxiang City motor system energy saving engineering technology research center based on Henan Yutong Electric Motor Shares Company. The company has closed relationship with university and scientific research units in order to improve the technical level and scientific technology content and speed up the conversion from the scientific research achievement to productive force.   
We pay attention to technological innovation, in accordance with the national energy saving policy, focus on the research of high efficient and energy saving YX3 three phase induction motor and YB3 explosion-proof three phase induction motor, and have obtained Energy Saving Certificate.
The test station of Yutong Motor is Motor Energy Laboratory approved by national energy efficiency labeling management center, it is one of the only two energy efficiency testing laboratories have passed National Energy Efficiency Management Center among motor fields in Henan Province, China. 
Our products are sold to all over the world include Henan, Shandong, Shanxi, Hebei, Hubei, Sichuan, Dongbei, etc, in China and to overseas countries like Indonesia, Chile, Thailand, Russia, South Africa, Spain, India, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden and other countries.
The company is awarded China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Member, Science and Technology Enterprise in Henan Province, the Equipment Manufacturing Industry Association Unit in Henan Province, and Xinxiang Well-known Product, etc. The brand YUTONG is approved Henan Famous Brand and Xinxiang Well-know trademark.
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Companies recruit
Electrical Engineer
Recruitment number: 2 people;
Salary: basic salary of more than 7000;
Detailed description: mainly for graduates majored in motor, specific treatment negotiable;
Office: 0373-5586663;
Bus routes: XinXiang Railway Station: take 108 Road, 188 Road, 186 Road (b) to Yutong motor or Xu Zhuang cross.
Mechanical Design Engineer
Recruitment number: 1 people;
Salary: negotiable;
Specialty: design and manufacturing process of gear transmission;
Requirements: 1, familiar with the mechanical transmission principle, design of gear and related properties of metallic materials, processing technology and related processing equipment; 2, the professional work experience more than five years have practical experience.
Office: 0373-5586663;
Bus routes: XinXiang Railway Station: take 108 Road, 188 Road, 186 Road (b) to Yutong motor or Xu Zhuang cross.
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