YZS Vibration Motor
YZS series three-phase asynchronous vibration motor is the excitation source of all kinds of vibrating mechanical, widely used in electricity, building materials, grain, coal, mining, metallurgy, light industry, chemical industry, cement, railways, ports and other industries for vibrating feeder, vibrating conveyor, vibrating beneficiation, vibrating sand-off, vibrating screening and silo vibration anti-clogging and so on.
Its most remarkable features are small bulk, light weight, strong oscillatory power, stable vibration amplitude, adjustable vibration force, wholly sealed machine shell, being able to work in any dust environment without explosion-proof requirements.  
Protection class is IP44, IP54, IP55, etc., insulation class B or F. 
Operating conditions: altitude less than 1000m, work temperature is -15℃ ~40℃, cooling method is IC0041 , work way is S1.
We can provide customers YZD series multi-speed vibration motor; YZVP series frequency variable and speed regulating vibration motor. The maximum vibration force, power , synchronous speed are in correspondence with YZS vibration motor.
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