YLJ torque motor
YLJ series torque three-phase induction motors have such special electrical performance as soft mechanical properties, excellent linearity, and wide range of velocity modulation. The velocity decreases and the motor torque grows as the load increases. Small changes in load can well result in correspondent changes in velocity. Tiny changes in the voltage of the power supply can lead to corresponding changes invelocity and motor torque. YLJ is an ideal step-less voltage variable speed regulating motor.
The motor possesses such advantages as optimal structure, reliable operation, easy installation and maintenance, simple controlling circuit and easy handling. It can be used as the power source of the equipment for reeling in threads, opening rolls, velocity modulation, etc., in paper-making, textile, electric wires and cables, rubber, plastics and the processing of metal wire materials.
Operating conditions:
ambient temperature below 40°C,altitude lower than 1000m , three-phase AC voltage 380V, 50Hz.
The motor adopts s9 non-cycle duty with continuous speed variation.

The protection class of YLJW is IP44, YLJ is IP21.

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