YX3-IE2 three-phase high efficiency motor
Basic parameter:
Frame size: 100~315   Protection class: IP55 Work way:  S1   
Insulation class: F    Power: 0.75~200kW 
Mounting way: IMB3、B5、B35、V1、etc.
Mainly used in universal machinery equipments have no special demands, such as metal cutting machine tools, pump, blower, transportation machinery, mixer, agricultural  machinery, and food machinery .
Performance Features:
YX3 series electric motors belong to high efficiency and energy saving products with good outward appearance, low noise, small vibration and high reliable factor, the efficiency level conform with EFF2. 
Work Conditions:
Used in Environment without corrosive, inflammable, explosive and other harmful gases.
Altitude: no more than 1000m
Temperature: -15℃--40℃

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