YCT adjustable motor
YCT series magnetic speed-regulating asynchronous motor is a type of step less AC constant motor torque speed regulating motors. It consists of pulling motor (three-phase induction motor), electromagnetic rotation difference clutch, velocity-testing generator and controller. It has some specialties in speed regulating,                 like wide regulating range, no non-control area, large starting torque, strong and frequent starting without impact on electric network, stable speed and high accuracy, etc.
YCT series speed regulating motors can be used on the equipment requiring accurate control of the operational speed in textile, chemical, metallurgical, building materials industry, paper-making and synthetic resin. It is more suitable to be used on torque-changing centrifugal pump and blower load, replacing the open and close of valve with speed regulating, and thus controlling the flow and pressure in order to better save energy. The mounting arrangement of YCT series electromagnetic speed regulation motors is IMB3. Its protection class is IP21, IC01 method of cooling, Work way is S1 continuous duty, B class insulation. Operating conditions: The working environment of the electromagnetic speed regulation motors should have little dust, no dust of iron magnetic materials, no explosive gases that corrode metals and destroy insulation. The altitude is less than 1000m and ambient temperature is -15℃~+40℃.

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