Y2VP variable frequency motor
Operation instruction:
The motor is started by three ac variable frequency power, the power of inverter is three phase 380V, 50Hz(5-50Hz, 50-100Hz). The motor is constant torque adjusted speed when the power   below 50Hz(60Hz), and it is constant power adjusted speed. The work environment temperature is -20℃~40℃, relative humidity less than 85%, altitude is less than 1000m, motor protection is IP44(OR IP54), work way is S1, cooling method is IC416(or IC411).
Performance features and use scope:
The rotor of such motor is specially designed to ensure that the constant output torque when motor work at low speed, the axial fan is installed in the cooling system to ensure that the cooling results when motors work at different speed. The insulation is F, which greatly improves the running reliability of motor. The centre height, power, installation size of this motor are the same as Y series motor(only the outward dimension is different from Y motor), mounting styles are IMB3, IMB5, IMB35, IMV1, etc. The motor is universally used at home and abroad and can match with the similar variable frequency power with merits of strong common use and interchangeability, reliable operation and easy maintenance. 
This series motor is widely used in light industry, chemical industry, textile, metallurgy and ventilation fans, water pump, also is used for automatic production line, which is an ideal power source for speed adjusting.

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