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Henan Yutong Electric Motor Shares Company is a large-scale general electric motor professional manufacturer in henan province, located in xinxiang economic development zone, is a set of r & d, manufacturing, sales as one of the professional motor management company

Yutong vision

Create a well-known brand in the domestic motor industry


Yutong purpose

Product is character, quality is conscience, demand is goal


Yutong Mission

Satisfaction of employees, customers, countries, shareholders


A company specializing in motor development, manufacture, and sales

一一一一   Satisfaction of employees, customers, countries, shareholders 一一一一

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News Center




Monitor registered body temperature at workDisinfection no less than four times a dayReduce personnel gathering and isolate meals in batchesSubsistence allowance for employees who cannot rework out...



After review by Xinxiang Economic Development Zone, our company's epidemic prevention preparations have met the requirements for resumption of work.No winter cannot be crossed, no spring will not c...



Affected by El Niño, the overall deviation of meteorological conditions in the autumn and winter of 2019-2020 is not conducive to the spread of atmospheric pollutants, further increasing the pressu...
Technical Support

Technical Support


1. The explosion-proof motor cannot start and there is no soundthe reason:(1) The fuse is blown.(2) The starter has tripped.(3) The power supply is empty.2, explosion-proof motor can not start, the...
Mechanical reasons:1. The motor blades are damaged or the screws that fasten the blades are loose, causing the blades to collide with the blade cover. The sound produced by the blades varies with t...
I. Power problems1.The power supply voltage is too highWhen the power supply voltage is too high, the motor back-EMF, magnetic flux, and magnetic flux density all increase. Since the magnitude of t...
The air gap between the stator and the rotor of the motor is very small, which easily leads to collision between the stator and the rotor.In medium and small motors, the air gap is generally 0.2mm ...
Full-voltage starting, also called direct starting, is a common starting method. It connects the stator winding of the motor directly to the power supply and starts at the rated voltage. It has the...
Above: Variable frequency motor and conventional motorIn the range of 30-60HZ, short-term variable frequency use, ordinary motors can be replaced, but beyond this range or long-term frequency conve...

一一一一   Satisfaction of employees, customers, countries, shareholders 一一一一

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